Project XII | News | Project XII continues with this year’s recap vinyl edition

Project XII continues with this year’s recap vinyl edition

© Jonathan Niclaus
Since its launch in January 2019, Deutsche Grammophon’s “XII” has grown with new compositions every month.The pioneering project’s diverse catalogue has gained another dozen pieces in 2021. It started in January with the release of Home by Abbott. The monthly rollout continued with works by, among others, Marie Awadis, Dobrawa Czocher and Niklas Paschburg, and ended with Freya Arde's track Moon Window.
Renewal has always been part of music, long before the invention of such distinctive categories as “Classical” or “Contemporary”. Deutsche Grammophon’s commitment to the process of musical creation took a fresh direction with the launch of “XII”, Deutsche Grammophon’s celebration of new works by some of today’s most innovative and creative musicians.
Building upon the Yellow Label’s commitment to new repertoire, “XII” presents a series of works with the power to punch through the crowd of monthly releases and establish an online home on influential music-streaming playlists. The involved  composers, free from rigid genre boundaries, reflect on contemporary classical music’s diversity.
To conclude the project, all twelve tracks released during 2021 will now be rolled out on vinyl on January 28, 2022.

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