. . . [Avi Avital's mandolin] has such a delicacy and sparkle you can understand why he's become such a sensation . . . [brilliant percussionist Itamar Doari adds] not only a thrilling rhythmic bite, but several layers of texture . . . ["Avital meets Avital" is a refreshing mix that has] something for lovers of jazz, classical, world and superb instrumental playing.

. . . they conjure up the intoxicating colours and textures of a street market in full swing. I'm very envious indeed of audiences who've heard them live in concert . . . From the moody jazz of the opening "Zamzama" and the frenzied rhythms of "Maroc" to the soulful intensity of "Lonely Girl" and "Ballad for Eli", the sense of delight in making music together is so palpable that even when someone breaks into a solo, as Omer does in "Ana Maghrebi", you get the feeling they can't wait to take up the collective groove again. Utterly brilliant.

. . . an album rich in Moroccan flavouring . . . Hugely enjoyable.