KNUSSEN Horn Concerto a.o.  Knussen


Hornkonzert · Horn Concerto*
Whitman Settings**
The Way to Castle Yonder
Flourish with Fireworks
Two Organa
Puppet Court
... upon one note
Barry Tuckwell * / Lucy Shelton **
London Sinfonietta
Oliver Knussen
Int. Release 01 Oct. 2003
0289 474 3222 7
DDD 0289 474 3222 7 GH
20/21 echo Series

Liste de titres

Oliver Knussen (1952 - )
Oliver Knussen, London Sinfonietta

The Way to Castle Yonder, op.21a

Two Organa, op.27

London Sinfonietta, Oliver Knussen

Horn Concerto, op.28





Barry Tuckwell, London Sinfonietta, Oliver Knussen

Music for a Puppet Court, op.11

London Sinfonietta, Oliver Knussen

Whitman Settings, op.25a

Lucy Shelton, London Sinfonietta, Oliver Knussen

Oliver Knussen, London Sinfonietta, Michael Collins, Clio Gould, John Constable, Christopher van Kampen, Paul Silverthorne

Durée totale de lecture 50:51

A really attractive portfolio of Knussen's shorter pieces.

. . . this remarkably Brittenesque piece (Horn Concerto), full of beautiful nocturnal evocation, finds space to convey a whole world. It is beautifully played by its dedicatee, Barry Tuckwell, and the performances by the London Sinonieta throughout are exemplary, as is the recording. The four-minute "Flourish with Fireworks" . . . is a brilliant orchestral showpiece with virtuoso orchestration. "The Way to Castle Yonder" . . . has Ravelian lusciousness of sound, the Two Organa and "The Music for a Puppet Court" . . . both have an immediately attractive glitter . . . this disc is a great discovery for general music lovers . . .

Pierre Boulez is pristine and precise in 'Ramifications', and' Melodien' sounds glowingly lucid under David Atherton's authoritative direction. If you've obtained the DG disc of the concertos, this is an excellent follow-up.

Oliver Knussen is -- or ought to be -- a national treasure . . . he still offers plenty to satisfy the obsessive analyst, while presenting a field day to sonic sensualists . . . the orchestral sounds are magical. If you missed this superb collection first time round, you have no excuse now: it has been attractively repackaged and comes with full annotations.

The 12-minute work is a little gem. Composed in 1994 for the horn virtuoso Barry Tuckwell, it is beautifully economical, with the horn taking the role of both protagonist and commentator. Its 'once upon a time' opening and the solo horn's first entry are simply magical . . . 'My favourite instrument of all', Knussen tells us. One suspects that it was Strauss's, too.

Loable y absolutamente necesaria reedición de DG.