LANG LANG Dragon Songs 0734191

Lang Lang: So good, they named him twice . . . Lang Lang's precocious talent has lived up to his name.

He's already introduced many masterpieces from the Western classical tradition to audiences in China. With "Dragon Songs," Lang Lang's cultural exchange comes full circle as he steps up his efforts to share Chinese traditional music with the Western world.

Lang displays surprising delicacy in the solo selections, which often look back to the filigreed embroidery of Chopin or Debussy.

While his previous CDs have been characterized by formidable technique propelled by remarkable energy and a palpable passion for music-making, "Dragon Songs" reveals the sensitivity for musical line that truly foretells a lifelong career.

. . . the pianist spins off a series of impressionistic solo portraits. Some, like He Luting's wry "The Cowherd's Flute" or Lü Wencheng's Debussy-inflected "Autumn Moon on a Calm Lake," run to gentle, flowing lyricism. Others ż Du Mingxin's "Straw Hat Dance" and Zhu Jianer's "Happy Times" ż have a whirring flair that seems almost Castilian.

The 24-year-old pianist combines almost limitless talent with rare charisma.

Heżs passionate about his music and equally so about China, and it shows in his playing . . . The DVD culminates with a performance of of the "Yellow River" which is a brilliant fusion of east and west.

. . . he is not just a superstar performer, but also a symbol of an ambitious nation.

Lang Lang ist der moderne Piano-Star schlechthin. Er wandelt auf den Pfaden von Horowitz, ohne dessen virtuose Kopie zu werden.