BERNSTEIN Mass / Nézet-Séguin 4835009

. . . [the recording] has tremendous energy . . . Maybe the technical term for it all is simply this: groovy . . . Nézet-Séguin might seem like just a bystander amid all the activity, but the fact that this recorded account is as coherent as it is attests to his multitasking strengths . . . it is a powerful artifact, a musical and theatrical response to a deeply troubled time that has cycled back into even greater relevance in the three years the recording has been in the can. Thatżs more benefit accruing to the common good than can be claimed for many a masterpiece.

Unified under his baton, Yannick Nézet-Séguin forges a powerfully emotional interpretation of this unique work -- a cross-section of European and American Music.

. . . this Philadelphia production is well done, enthusiastically presented . . . Audio is fine stereo on this new DGG recoding successfully balancing the large performing forces.

. . . the fervent faith Nézet-Séguin has in this piece does come through. His tempos are often urgent and generally don't veer much from the composer's example. The orchestral meditations burrow deeply into Mass' darker side and the near-free-form freakout in triple meter just before the Celebrant's nervous breakdown has all the raucous, jazzy exuberance you would want.