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LUNA Eunike Tanzil
LUNA Eunike Tanzil


Eunike Tanzil

Eunike Tanzil
Emanuel Keller

April 26, 2024
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We are delighted to announce the signing of an exclusive agreement with Eunike Tanzil. In parallel she launches her career with DG today with the release of a double digital single, Luna. 

The LA-based Indonesian composer, pianist and producer is already known for carefully-crafted musical narratives that resonate deeply with audiences in both the cinema and the concert hall. As well as contributing to the soundtracks of Asian Persuasion and I Wanna Dance with Somebody, she has recently seen the premieres of two orchestral works – Celestial Waves (Bangkok, 2023, “a marvel of thematic imagination” – Bangkok Post) and Scenes from a Voyage (Indianapolis, 2024). 

Initially composed for cello and piano, Luna has now also been reimagined by the composer for solo piano. The recording of the original version, in which Eunike is joined by cellist Emanuel Keller, is accompanied by both a performance video and an animation short created by Michelle Flitman. “Luna is about connecting human existence to the enduring nature of the moon,” notes Tanzil. “Like the moon, people may experience solitude, conceal their true emotions, and project an outward image of strength and perfection.” Her debut DG album will follow in 2025. 


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Eunike Tanzil - Luna
LUNA Eunike Tanzil
Apr 26, 2024

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Eunike Tanzil
Eunike Tanzil
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