• New audiovisual partnership between Deutsche Grammophon and Neutra Production showcases music-making in stunning locations around the world

  • “UNIQUE - One artist, one monument, one concert” launches 23 January 2020 with cinema screenings of Nemanja Radulović’s performance at the site of the Carnac stones

Deutsche Grammophon and French film and video producer Neutra Production are set to create a new series of innovative audiovisual productions. “UNIQUE - One artist, one monument, one concert” – featuring some of today’s finest musicians performing in timeless historic locations – begins in January with cinema screenings of a spellbinding concert given by violinist Nemanja Radulović at the Neolithic site of Carnac. The French-Serbian virtuoso with Ensemble Double Sens, played a range of music, from the Allemande from Bach’s Solo Partita No.2 to Bloch’s Nigun, against the backdrop of this prehistoric landscape, home to thousands of ancient standing stones.

The partnership’s debut project will be shown from 23 January 2020 in over 400 cinemas in France, Belgium and Switzerland via Neutra’s cinema series “Connaissance du Monde” and CGR, one of France’s largest multiplex chains. Its launch video, including documentary content about the artists and location, will also be available on demand through DG’s online platforms and for international television distribution through EuroArts. The Yellow Label plans to promote and distribute the series worldwide, building momentum and drawing in global audiences to experience the emotional force of classical music made in stunning locations. 

Dr Clemens Trautmann, President Deutsche Grammophon, welcomed the opportunity to explore fresh ways of presenting classical music and connecting with cinema, television and online audiences. “The collaboration with Neutra underlines DG’s ambition to enable our artists to present their projects in audiovisual formats with wide reach and excellent quality,” he commented. “Deutsche Grammophon’s productions at UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Sistine Chapel and the Forbidden City have demonstrated that the combination of exceptional music-making and a historically significant venue can be truly compelling. Neutra offers a fresh approach, backed by vast experience and success in non-classical areas.”

Philippe Schirrer, Neutra Managing Director, comments: «Filming performances in breathtaking places and outside of the traditional convert venues, offers a new artistic approach to live classical music. The cinema and TV audiences are the priviledged spectators of these unique performances. Neutra works with young talented directors, renowned for their work in sports and pop music. Thanks to the collaboration with Deutsche Grammophon and our advisors, we guarantee the artistic excellence and integrity, including amazing sound experiences.»

Further “UNIQUE - One artist, one monument, one concert” episodes are about to enter production. Each will be filmed by a leading music video director who brings expertise and imagination from pop culture to the presentation of classical performances. Deutsche Grammophon and Neutra plan to release the first full season of titles in the second half of 2020 and will continue working together on a second season over the coming year.