CHOPIN Préludes, Barcarolle, Polonaise / Argerich


24 Préludes op. 28
2 Préludes op. 45 & op. post.
Barcarolle op. 60
Polonaise No. 6 »Héroïque«
Scherzo No. 2 op. 31
Martha Argerich
Int. Release 03 Aug. 1987
1 CD / Download
0289 415 8362 8

There are very few recordings of the 24 Preludes that have such a perfect combination of temperamental virtuosity and compelling artistic insight. Argerich has the technical equipment to do whatever she wishes with the music. Whether it's in the haunting, dark melancholy of No 2 in A minor or the lightning turmoil of No 16 in B flat minor, she's profoundly impressive. It's these sharp changes of mood that make her performance scintillatingly unpredictable. In the Barcarolle there's no relaxed base on which the melodies of the right hand are constructed, as is conventional, but more the piece emerges as a stormy odyssey through life, with moments of visionary awareness. Argerich is on firmer ground in the Polonaise, where her power and technical security reign triumphant. The CD ends with a rippling and yet slightly aggressive reading of the Second Scherzo. This is very much the playing of a pianist who lives in the "fast lane" of life.

¡Qué ocurrencia! . . . La vehemencia y el ardor que la pianista argentina insufla a esta heroica partitura le va como anillo al dedo. Todo, cada frase, cada textura, cada acorde, adquiere una solidez y un sentido propio . . . Página tan vistosa y enérgica como popular.