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String Quartets
Amadeus Quartet
Int. Release 27 Nov. 2006
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Track List

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827)
String Quartet In C, Op.59 No.3 - "Rasumovsky No. 3"

String Quartet No.10 In E Flat, Op.74 - "Harp"

Amadeus Quartet

Total Playing Time 1:03:08

. . . [String Quartet no. 9]: splendid springy bowing and lovely sound . . . Norbert Brainin's playing, still technically in fine shape, has an air of improvisatory excitement always within the bounds of stylishness . . . movingly authentic . . . vaulting bowing and splendidly vital accents. The breakneck pace set for the finale is maintained with total control throughout . . . [String Quartet no. 10]: there is great freshness as well as depth . . . hugely energetic . . . This CD is specially recommended . . .

I love the warmth, serenity, and humor [the Amadeus Quartet brought to everything it played] . . . excellent sound . . . luminous performances of tremendous insight, replete with the kind of wisdom, gentleness, and humanity that can only be achieved after decades of playing Beethoven's music and living through it. There are countless moments to savor . . . this is hands-down the best "Harp" I know . . . Fans of the Amadeus will certainly need no urging. The rest of the world is strongly advised to give these recordings a listen. They will be a source of eternal joy and perhaps even the beginning of a new love story with one of the last century's greatest ensembles.

. . . there is something so unique, so wise, and so right here that I have come to regard
this disc as one of the greatest testaments to the artistry of the Amadeus.