BRAHMS Symphony No. 1 / Abbado


Symphonie No. 1

Gesang der Parzen
Rundfunkchor Berlin
Berliner Philharmoniker
Claudio Abbado
Int. Release 26 Feb. 2016
1 CD / Download
0289 431 7902 7

Track List

Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1897)
Symphony No. 1 in C Minor, Op. 68

Berliner Philharmoniker, Claudio Abbado

Rundfunkchor Berlin, Berliner Philharmoniker, Claudio Abbado

Total Playing Time 58:07

[one of "The definite 100 classical CDs"]
The big tune in the finale, which Karajan used to build up to like a firework climax, rose organically and almost imperceptibly out of the preceding texture. I was enraptured by the performance and later by the recording. More than just a fresh take on Bahms, this was a Brahms for our times.