BRUCKNER Symphoniy d-moll / Barenboim


Symphonie d-moll · in D minor

für Männerchor und Orchester

150. Psalm
Ruth Welting
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
and Chorus
Daniel Barenboim
Int. Release 28 Sep. 1992
0289 437 2502 6

Track List

Anton Bruckner (1824 - 1896)
Symphony No. 0 in D Minor, WAB 100

1869 Version



Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Daniel Barenboim

Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Daniel Barenboim, Chicago Symphony Chorus, Margaret Hillis

Ruth Welting, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Daniel Barenboim, Chicago Symphony Chorus

Total Playing Time 1:08:21

. . . [in the first movement of the Symphony no. 0,] Barenboim, adopting a very flexible interpretation of the tempo indication Allegro, brings out the many anticipations of Bruckner's later style and the climax of the development section is really thrilling . . . when in the third movement Bruckner produces one of his pounding scherzos we are in the realm of the mature composer, and the results are utterly convincing . . . "Helgoland" needs room to expand with its heroic lines, and it receives it here. The closing pages, with their echoes of the Eighth Symphony, are absolutely stunning . . . Since "Helgoland" is a major piece which is unjustifiably neglected, this disc is self-recommending in its own right. It also enshrines excellent performances of the "Nullte" and Psalm 150.