AMADEUS QUARTET Bruckner/Smetana/Verdi


BRUCKNER: Streichquintett
String Quintet
SMETANA: Streichquartett
String Quartet »From My Life«
VERDI: Streichquartett
String Quartet a.o.
Amadeus Quartet
Cecil Aronowitz
Int. Release 17 May. 2005
2 CDs / Download
0289 477 5739 9

Track List

CD 1: A Tribute to Norbert Brainin (Amadeus Quartet)

Anton Bruckner (1824 - 1896)
String Quintet In F Major, WAB 112


Amadeus Quartet, Cecil Aronowitz

Bedrich Smetana (1824 - 1884)
String Quartet No.1 In E Minor, T.116 "From My Life"

Amadeus Quartet

Total Playing Time 1:12:31

CD 2: A Tribute to Norbert Brainin (Amadeus Quartet)

Giuseppe Verdi (1813 - 1901)
String Quartet in E minor

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840 - 1893)
String Quartet No.1 In D Major, Op.11, TH.111

Antonín Dvo?ák (1841 - 1904)
String Quartet No.12 In F Major, Op.96 "American" B. 179


Amadeus Quartet

Total Playing Time 1:15:06

Released as a tribute to the late Norbert Brainin, this generously filled set traverses repertory not normally associated with the Amadeus . . . their Bruckner is delivered with great affection and Viennese warmth.

The Amadeus Quartet became practically synonymous with chamber music playing over the course of 40 years, setting down definitive recordings for Deutsche Grammophon of the standard string quartet repertoire and exploring unfamiliar territory along the way.

The Bruckner is superb, the others . . . amiable, spontaneous (the American especially) and infinitely wise: you relish every bar. Quite aside from the expected musicianship and utterly natural phrasing, there's the unique way these persuasive players interrelate with the music and with themselves. A fine-sounding tribute to a great ensemble.

Belle occasion de redécouvrir la face cachée de lżun des plus précieux quatuors ŕ cordes du sičcle dernier.