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Peter Gregson
Peter Gregson

An Evening at Capitol Studios: Bach Recomposed

Peter Gregson
© Nick Spanos

We announce the release of the digital album of recordings of a wonderful evening with composer Peter Gregson captured at the world-famous Capitol Studios in LA. The recordings are also available as a visual album released for one week exclusively on Apple Music.

Recorded earlier this year, during a very special event, this performance recording showcases Gregson’s renditions of his Recomposed Cello Suites, originally written by J.S. Bach, as well as his skilled musicianship and musical leadership. Whoever has already had the pleasure to experience Bach Recomposed live, this recording captures the unique interaction between composer, ensemble, and electronics perfectly. The intimate recording at Capitol studios give the performance a warmth and closeness perfect for winter days.

The performance features six performances from Gregson’s 2018 release ‘Bach: The Cello Suites – Recomposed.

The full filmed performance is exclusively premiering on Apple Music now here.

Watch Gregson’s intricate and stunning playing alongside fellow cellists: Alisha Bauer, Mia Barcia-Colombo, Chris De Fazio, Mark Bassett and Joo Lee

The eAlbum is released today, 29 January 2021. The visual album is released exclusively on Apple Music today and will be released on other partners on 5 February 2021.

Peter Gregson: An evening at Capitiol Studios - Bach recomposed
AN EVENING AT CAPITOL STUDIOS: Bach Recomposed / Peter Gregson
Jan 29, 2021

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An Evening at Capitol Studios: Bach Recomposed
An Evening at Capitol Studios: Bach Recomposed
3 years ago
Peter Gregson
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