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Project XII
Project XII

Project XII // Brambles - Mists Inhabit This Place – XII Vinyl 2020

Mira Dawson - Brambles

This week, Brambles, a solo project of Melbourne-based musician, producer and composer Mira Dawson, continues the Project XII series with the track Mists Inhabit This Place.

 “For this piece I was inspired by walking home late at night from my studio, watching shadows bounce off windows and street lights. I wanted to create a piece of music that encapsulated that glimmery atmosphere. The track title is taken from a beautifully sad poem by Sylvia Plath.” – Brambles

Additionally, we announce the release of this year’s vinyl of all 12 pieces in the 2020 “XII” series. Renewal has always been part of music, long before the invention of such distinctive categories as “Classical” or “Contemporary”. The changing seasons and life’s restless stream of feelings and emotions lie behind the sounds of “XII”, the project is a celebration of new works by some of today’s most innovative and creative musicians.

The LP “XII” is released December 11th and can be pre-ordered from today, November 6th.

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Project XII continues with this year’s recap vinyl edition
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Project XII
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