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Project XII – Sergio Díaz De Rojas

MUNDO FLOTANTE Sergio Díaz De Rojas
© Jonathan Niclaus
For the month of March, Project XII continues with “Mundo Flotante” by Valencia-based pianist and composer Sergio Díaz De Rojas. Mundo Flotante, which translates as “Floating World”, is inspired by the Japanese art genre ukiyo-e. Sergio Díaz De Rojas comments: “I composed it while observing some postcards and prints I own of Hiroshige, my favorite artist of this movement (I adore his depictions of birds and flowers as well as some of his landscapes). For me, this piece feels like an early morning walk during spring, feeling the soft warmth of the sun at that time of the day, fresh air against my face, the trees moving with the wind, and birds singing softly in the background.”

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