BLACK MIRROR Soundtrack / M. Richter

Episode "Nosedive"

Original Soundtrack

Music by Max Richter
Int. Release 21 Oct. 2016
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Max Richter (1966 - )




Max Richter

Tiempo total de reproducción 24:40

. . . [Max Richter's thoughtful score]: integral rather than incidental.

. . . "Nosedive" is incredibly intricate and cutting-edge, as the composer blends repetitious piano musings with sputtering electronics to create something extremely affecting and alien at the same time, working wonderfully in contrast to and in step with the show's tragi-comedy themes . . . Max Richter reveals to listeners what film music supervisors have known for over a decade: this is a composer with a terrific sense of sonic style and narrative.

"On Reflection", the recurring piece in the episode, is based around a delicate piano line that is punctuated by creeping strings. This piece says more about the underlying sadness of the world and the characters within it than they are ever allowed to express from the script. "On Reflection" demonstrates Richter's talents of merging traditional classical sounds, mournful strings and stately piano, with more modern sounds, like the rumbling synth bass that throbs in the background. This matches "Nosedive's" imagery and themes beautifully, with the more classical elements evoking emotions that can never be muted by technology, while the rumbling bass echoes the hums of the machines and screens that keep the characters of "Nosedive" trapped within the systems of their world . . . Shorter pieces, "Dopamine 1" & "Dopamine 2", demonstrate that Richter is no one trick pony, as they are gorgeously crafted ambient electronic soundscapes. These pieces are in contrast to the classical sounds of "On Reflection" and "The Consolation of Philosophy", showcasing Richter's compositional talents across multiple genres of music. These short pieces provide a much-needed respite from the intense anxiety created by "On Reflection". These two compositions sound almost like futuristic jingles on an advertisement . . . Richter's gift is using simplicity to great effect, creating stirring emotional pieces from humble beginnings. Richter's work on "Black Mirror: Nosedive" not only works within the context of the viewing experience, but also works as a standalone listening experience. The haunting music contained within will live with you for a long time after you finish viewing and listening to "Nosedive".

. . . [Richter's soundtrack] does its job perfectly, creating a pleasant atmosphere with a slightly unsettling undercurrent . . . but mostly the soundtrack maintains its serenity.

There's a small group of composers that really allows the listener to think and reflect and Richter is very much part of that group . . . The opening cue is gorgeous with a piano ostinato that really gets to me . . . Absolutely amazing . . . I'm addicted, I want more . . . He follows it up beautifully, but with another intensity perhaps. He also reprises that gorgeous piano motif and so he should . . . you'll definitely find this more than pleasing . . . This is yet another stunner by Richter, a must buy.