20/21 - Music of Our Time

20/21 is the name for music of our time on Deutsche Grammophon. "Superb recordings with exceptional interpreters. The public of yesterday and today will love them..." So wrote the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in summing up their reaction to the opening wave of releases. For a long time it was a problem that contemporary music was not being recorded by truly great artists. DG is fortunate to have a lineup of great artists who, while not dedicating their creative energies exclusively to new compositions, are exponents of this music and often have close personal relations with the composers.

Each release unfolds a world of its own, making it possible for listeners to approach a work or composer individually, inviting them to a serious encounter which, it is hoped, will develop into a lasting relationship. The sheer diversity of these releases does not suggest that this new product line is still in search of a voice. The music of our time has many voices.

20/21 provides listeners with a point of orientation by showcasing important works in exemplary interpretations by the leading artists of our time. In doing so it actively challenges black-and-white distinctions between "serious music" and "popular music," between "world music" and "new music," or between "interpreted music" and "improvised music." It aims to keep the whole, wide stylistic range of present-day composition, including the various genres and geographical regions in which the music originates, firmly in view. Presented in an attractive format, 20/21 is designed to appeal to the growing audience interested in this music. Join us in a quest for new worlds of sound!

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