LUTOSLAWSKI Piano Concerto, Partita 4715882

Mutter's tone is so cooly elegant while her musical mind is so hotly engaged, the combination is irresistible. Lutoslawski orchestrated his Partita specially for her.

By presenting three important works together -- the Piano Concerto, performed by Krystian Zimerman, for whom it was written; the Partita for Violin and Orchestra, also performed by its dedicatee, Anne-Sophie Mutter; and "Chain 2" for violin and orchestra, again with Ms. Mutter -- the recording testifies to the originality of this ingenious composer's work in a well-trodden genre . . . The prodigious Mr. Zimermann gives a formidable, wondrously colored account of the work (Piano Concerto). It makes you wish he would play contemporary music more often . . . Ms. Mutter plays both of these de facto concertos (Partita, Chain 2) with steely radiance, tireless command and, where called for, rapturous beauty.