CHOPIN 24 Préludes / Argerich


24 Préludes op. 28
2 Préludes op. 45 & op. post.
Piano Sonata No. 2 op. 35
Martha Argerich
Int. Release 01 Mar. 2002
1 CD / Download
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The Originals

The verve, incisiveness and post-Mozartian roguishness of her playing all appeal strongly. So do Abbado's and the orchestra's contributions, which are both tidy and full of energy.

At her most explosive in 1975, Argerich conveys the originality of the Sonata to perfection. Yes, she may play fast and loose with some of the composer's instructions, but when it's done with such conviction it seems entirely apt.

Ses Préludes ont résonné comme un coup de tonnerre. Engagement sans faille, fabuleux coups de patte, sens inné du rubato. Couplage avec une des meilleures versions de la Sonate n° 2 . . .