MAHLER Symphonie No. 7 Abbado


Symphonie No. 7
Claudio Abbado
Berliner Philharmoniker
Int. Release 02 May. 2002
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Track List

Gustav Mahler (1860 - 1911)
Symphony No. 7 in E Minor


Berliner Philharmoniker, Claudio Abbado


Audience Applause

Total Playing Time 1:18:07

. . . [Abbado's performance of the Seventh] can still stand as a remarkable, perhaps unsurpassed, example of inspired interpretation in this work . . . To begin with, the astonishing concentration of the orchestral playing couldn't have been achieved without hours of disciplined rehearsal. Yet every bar sounds free, as if each player was guided by the inspiration of the moment . . . [the first movement] is taken faster than Mahler's markings, and the effect is magical . . . Weight is no hindrance to gracefulness in Abbado's reading, and the luminous "moonlight" section could hardly be more ethereal . . . The beauty of the scoring, which is utterly transparent, brings out the single greatest change . . . [Abbado] liberated the individual musicians, particularly the solo woodwinds and brass, to display their artistry. No better example can be found than the two "Nachtmusik" movements . . . [where] the finesse of the Berliners is incomparable . . . [in the Rondo-Finale] Abbado balances bite and ebullience perfectly, and the Berlin brass is spectacular, especially in the treacherously high trumpet parts . . . [this concert recording] is vividly clear and detailed . . . Abbado asks for extreme contrasts in color and mood, making the spectral moments eerier than ever, the cowbell and alpine echoes more haunting, the dance music otherworldly. This "Song of the Night" is more nocturnal than any other I can recall . . . The younger Abbado led a superior Mahler Seventh with the Chicago Symphony, also on DG, but as often happened when he returned to any of the symphonies, his Berlin remake is the jewel.

Regelmäßig erfreuliche CDs gibt es mit Werken Gustav Mahlers. Jüngst erschienen sind einige Live-Mitschnitte von Konzerten Claudio Abbados mit den Berliner Philharmonikern. Vor allem die siebte Sinfonie, deren abgründige Zerrissenheit Abbado mustergültig aufdeckt, ist atemberaubend. Die Aufnahmetechnik ist herausragend, die
dynamischen Spannbreiten werden exzessiv ausgereizt.