R. STRAUSS Also sprach Zarathustra / Sinopoli


Also sprach Zarathustra

Tod und Verklärung
Death and Transfiguration
New York Philharmonic
Giuseppe Sinopoli
Int. Release 01 Apr. 2013
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Track List

Richard Strauss (1864 - 1949)
Also sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30, TrV 176


New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Giuseppe Sinopoli

Tod und Verklärung, Op.24, TrV 158

Glenn Dicterow, New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Giuseppe Sinopoli

Total Playing Time 1:05:22

Endlessly imaginative, finaly detailed and grippingly spontaneous [readings] . . .

["Also sprach Zarathustra"]: Sinopoli's view of the work as a slab of pure proto-modernism holds its nerve through thick and thin -- bracing walls of sound and, at 37 minutes, the longest version on record . . . This is the most self-consciously modernist reading of the score around with Sinopoli finding Varèse-like screams and skyscraper blocks from within the Viennese excess. The fugues have extraordinary ascetic gravitas and the alert, driven NYPO woodwinds exist in another world from our usual view of Strauss.