HILARY HAHN A Portrait DVD-VIDEO 0734192

One of the most notable features of this absorbing release is the generosity of its extras . . . in the Korngold her legato is seamless, her intonation impossibly true under even the most fiendish pressure, her tone blemishless. Flying spiccato, forced harmonics, multiple stopping, sleight-of-hand arpeggios, rapid string-crossing -- all are seemingly child's play to this remarkable young player. Not only that, but Hahn goes beyond mere pyrotechnics, continually phrasing with the kind of sensitivity normally accorded bona fide masterpieces . . . There is also an energized purity and aristocratic poise about Hahn's playing in the Mozart sonata which reminded me of the great Henryk Szeryng. Everything she does, both musically and technically, is so exquisitely subtle that one can only sit in wonder at the sheer comprehensiveness of it all. Zhu proves the perfect partner, gliding in and out of her alternating leading and supporting roles with an ease and intuitiveness that makes it all sound deceptively easy . . . Hahn possesses a large amount of personal charm . . . she is a thinker who clearly cares deeply about her art and she shows a maturity, both personal and musical . . . those complete performances of Mozart and Korngold significantly enhance the desirability of this release.

. . . her playing . . . fully communicates her ideas without the aid of any "audio-visual apparatus". Because of the stature of her musical artistry, and footage of Hilary Hahn should be self-recommending . . . the release deserves to be included in any library of video performances by violinists.

. . . in both performances Hahnżs violin does the talking to enchanting effect.

Die fabelhafte Welt der Hilary. Hilary Hahn ist eine der wunderbarsten Geigerinnen unserer Zeit. Ein neues Porträt der Künstlerin entstand auf einer Konzertreise und zeigt die stets höchst ernsthaft und auf die musikalische Sache konzentrierte Solistin, die . . . ihren PR-Kollegen keine Chance gibt, anderes als künstlerische Momente ihrer Persönlichkeit in den Mittelpunkt zu stellen . . . Nichts als Musik führt sie im Sinn; und musiziert dann Korngolds Violinkonzert unter Kent Nagano mit so viel Sinn für Romantik wie eine Mozartsonate mit Natalie Zhu in klassischer Harmonie.

. . . ihr technisch brillantes Spiel mit perlender Klanggestaltung besticht . . . berauschend strömt der Schönklang.

Le sujet Hilary Hahn est . . . exceptionnel . . . On se consolera . . . admirant une performance publique intégrale du concerto de Korngold et d'une sonate de Mozart, oů l'on retrouvera la perfection plastique du jeu, le contrôle instrumental et émotionnel phénoménal de cette violoniste d'exception.