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Conductor, composer, pianist, pedagogue, mentor – The most remarkable thing about Leonard Bernstein was that he was all of the above, but he was also more than just that – “When Lenny came, everyone woke up and sat up and laid their hearts out for him!”
 'A Glimpse of his Genius' is our new series on one of the most well-known, gifted, and influential musicians in classical music history. It captures the hearts of musicians and audiences worldwide as conductor, composer, collaborator, and mentor. This series delves into Leonard Bernstein’s multifaceted genius as told by fellow musicians who are profoundly inspired by him and have had the honour of crossing paths with him – both professionally and personally.
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Discover Bernstein’s complete recordings across ten new digital albums to be released between September and November 2023.
Leonard Bernstein: Sibelius - Stravinsky
Leonard Bernstein: Sibelius - Stravinsky
Leonard Bernstein
Works by
Sibelius · R. Strauss · Stravinsky
VÖ: September 22, 2023

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