Ludwig van Beethoven | News | Do you know ALL of Beethoven's best-known melodies? Test yourself!

Do you know ALL of Beethoven’s best-known melodies? Test yourself!

Beethoven in under 15 minutes – 6 releases
As the Beethoven 250th anniversary year leads up to its climax this autumn, have some fun with this series of 6 collections of Beethoven’s melodies.
Be honest, do you really know them all?!
We have grouped up to 10 ca. 1-minute excerpts of Beethoven’s best-known melodies into their musical genres from the symphonies through sonatas and concertos to the string quartets. Taken together the melodies shine a light on the colourful and rich oeuvre of one of classical music’s great geniuses.
Write to us with your thoughts (and exact up to 90-second timings please!) on which OTHER melodies you think also deserve to be mentioned in such a series. We would be delighted to publish a selection of your suggestions in a following newsletter. And if an interesting selection comes together, we will create a further album of excerpts based on your further choices.
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