Musical Moments | News | Mao Fujita continues 'Musical Moments' with Tchaikovsky's Romance, op. 5

Mao Fujita continues ‘Musical Moments’ with Tchaikovsky’s Romance, op. 5

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© Anja Hoppe (Grafik), © fanjianhua / Shutterstock (Foto)
Welcoming celebrated young piano star Mao Fujita back to Musical Moments with Tchaikovsky’s enchanting Romance, op. 5, this dreamy melody at its start and finish is reminiscent of Chopin’s Nocturnes, yet morphs into a dance-like part in the middle.
“Musical moments” can be moments of memories or reflection, a retrospect of the past or an anticipation of the future, that are enriched by hearing or thinking of a special piece of music in that same moment. Further artists in the series include Daniel Barenboim, Yuja Wang, Avi Avital and Albrecht Mayer just to name a few.