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© Anja Hoppe (Grafik), © Fo_De / Shutterstock (Foto)
“Musical moments” can be moments of memories or reflection, a retrospect of the past or an anticipation of the future, that are enriched by hearing or thinking of a special piece of music in that same moment. Further artists in the series include Daniel Barenboim, Yuja Wang, Avi Avital and Albrecht Mayer just to name a few.
Fabian Müller is one of the brightest piano talents to emerge from Germany within the past decade. His focus lies on the repertoire of the German Classical and Romantic tradition, with the music of Johannes Brahms especially close to his heart. Here, you can hear his rendering of one of Brahms’ most beloved melodies, the enchanting Waltz Op. 39 No. 15. Though you may have heard this piece before, it is rarely played as thoughtful and infused with sweet melancholy as in Fabian Müller’s version.