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Musical Moments with Seong-Jin Cho

Seong-Jin Cho Consolations Musical Moments
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“Musical moments” can be moments of memories or reflection, a retrospect of the past or an anticipation of the future, that are enriched by hearing or thinking of a special piece of music in that same moment. Further artists in the series include Daniel Barenboim, Yuja Wang, Nadine Sierra, Avi Avital and Albrecht Mayer just to name a few.
The irresistible Consolations are among Franz Liszt’s most popular works – think Chopin’s Nocturnes to get an idea of what’s in store for you, here. Fittingly subtitled Lento placido, the Consolation S. 172/3 is the undisputed crown jewel and one of the best-loved encore pieces for the piano. In this track, South Korean superstar Seong-Jin Cho masterfully captures all the bittersweet (a lot more sweet than bitter!) melancholy this enchantingly melodic miniature has to offer.