BIBER German Mass McCreesh 4747142

The chief contrasts within the work lie in Biber's varying scheme of triple and duple metre which he deploys with skill and to great effect. The ethereal clarity of the voices of the Gabrieli Consort are wonderfully suited to this repertoire and there are many instances of almost mesmerising beauty . . . the excellence of the Gabrieli Consort voices and instrumentalists is such that this new version leap-frogs over its illustrious predecessors . . . yet over-all this new version under Paul McCreesh's direction offers greater satisfaction.

Wonderfully blended string tone and, in the Requiem, an ethereally silver sound. The chorus is superb, singing with apt weight yet moving with agility . . . This disc provides excellent advocacy for two of Biber's stellar choral works.

McCreesh and his musicians reinforce the expression of joy and grief in this programme . . . much to Biber's advantage.

Paul McCreesh and his Gabrieli Consort are the masters of baroque ceremony.

McCreesh makes the best possible case for the Requiem . . . impeccably shaped performances.

Auf beiden Stilebenen agieren die Gabrieli Consort & Players mit schon fast schlafwandlerischer Sicherheit, was aber in keiner Weise heißt, dass die Interpretationen entsprechend schläfrig daherkämen, sondern ganz im Gegenteil: Wache Lust am musikalischen Ausdruck gibt hier den Ton an!

On both stylistic levels the Gabrieli Consort & Players perform with almost somnambulistic surefootedness, which, however, is not to say that there is anything sleepy about the interpretations - quite the opposite: alert delight in musical expression is the order of the day here!

Interpretatorisch besticht einmal mehr das exzellente Niveau der englischen Musiker . . . in konzeptioneller, technischer, gestalterischer und klanglicher Hinsicht die beste Aufnahme.

The exalted interpretive standards of the English musicians impress once again . . . the best recording in conception and execution as well as technically and in sound quality.

Unter Paul McCreesh werden die melodischen Linien mit expressiver Variabilität gestaltet. Bestimmte Textstellen werden besonders ausgekostet.

. . . une partie de son catalogue . . . pas moins riche ni inspirée . . . On découvre ici . . . vrais bijoux : ainsi va-t-il du « Peccator et consolator » d¿Abraham Megerle, émouvant duo de sopranos . . . joliment mis en espace ; ou encore du miraculeux « Media vita in morte sumus » de Lassus qui conclut l¿office avec pudeur et recueillement.