RUTH CRAWFORD SEEGER Portrait / Oliver Knussen


Andante for Strings · Music for Small
Orchestra · Piano Study · Rissolty Rossolty
String Quartet · Suite for Wind Quintet
3 Chants for Chorus · 3 Songs · 2 Ricercare

John Hardy
Lucy Shelton
Reinbert de Leeuw, Piano
New London Chamber Choir/James Wood
Schönberg Ensemble
Oliver Knussen
Int. Release 14 Aug. 1997
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Lista de temas

Ruth Crawford Seeger (1901 - 1953)
Music for Small Orchestra (1926)

Schönberg Ensemble, Oliver Knussen

Three Chants

James Wood, New London Chamber Choir

New London Chamber Choir, James Wood

James Wood, New London Chamber Choir

Reinbert de Leeuw

Three Songs

Lucy Shelton, Schönberg Ensemble, Oliver Knussen

String Quartet 1931

Marijke van Kooten, Helen Hulst, Karin Dolman, Hans Woudenberg

2 Ricercare

Lucy Shelton, Reinbert de Leeuw

Charles Seeger (1886 - 1979)
Ruth Crawford Seeger (1901 - 1953)
Suite (1952)

Schönberg Ensemble, Oliver Knussen

Tiempo total de reproducción 1:10:58

. . . [a] whirlwind burst of orchestral colour and American folk song . . . ["Rissolty, Rossolty" is] wittily, smartly orchestrated, gathering pace towards an Ivesian moment where all three tunes are juxtaposed.