BACH TO CUBA Emilio Aragón



Brandenburgische Konzerte
Brandenburg Concertos
(Auswahl · Extracts)

Bearbeitet von · Arranged by
Emilio Aragón
Alain Pérez
Tenerife Symphony Orchestra
Emilio Aragón
Int. Release 16 Jul. 2007
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The perfect cure for those summertime (turnover) blues . . .

Gelungen ist ihm eine unwiderstehliche Verführung zum Musikvergnügen.

    Bach to Cuba

The Brandenburg Concertos infused with Afro-Cuban rhythms - the ultimate summertime “divertimento"

What would have happened if Johann Sebastian Bach had travelled to Cuba when he was composing the Brandenburg Concertos?

What traces of the Caribbean Island would be left in his music?

“I've often felt that many of the concertos were made to be accompanied by Cuban percussion," notes Cuban-born Emilio Aragón, who conceived and conducted the album. “For me, it is a natural fusion."

Now living and working in Spain, Aragón drew on his knowledge and love of both genres to create this unique, carefree, seamless mix of music from different latitudes, of different attitudes.

Since childhood, Aragón has remained close to the music of his native country while simultaneously nurturing his passion for the classical tradition. He studied classical piano from an early age and later put aside a successful Spanish television career to study classical composition and conducting in the US.

For Bach to Cuba, Emilio Aragón conducts the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra together with three Cuban percussionists, Jaime Udicio Vasquez, Juan Aramis Viera, and Pedro Pablo Rodríguez, and the acclaimed bassist Alain Pérez. Pérez, widely known for his work with musicians such as Paco de Lucía and Jerry Gonzales, replaced traditional bass lines with the Cuban “tumbao" bass, providing the appropriate space for the guaguancó, conga, danzón, contradanza, son, or bolero rhythms to supplement the violin, oboe, and cello parts originally written in the 18th century.

The result is a surprising, appealing recording - a fun, good-natured summertime fling which is also one man's unique tribute to Bach - the man Emilio Aragón considers “the true father of music".

Already released in Spain to great acclaim, Bach to Cuba is a delightful introduction for newcomers to classical music as well as light-hearted diversion for the seasoned fan.

Take it to the beach!