TORI AMOS Gold Dust CD + DVD 4790551

The results are exquisite and make a great gateway into Planet Tori. Speaking to her today, it's clear the woman is as unique as her music . . . [A song like "Silent All These Years"] is so powerful every time you hear it.

. . . Amos¿s "Gold Dust" sounds less like a radical break from her work than the next stage in its evolution . . . The result is emotionally gripping . . .

. . . the orchestra simply heightening them [the originals], taking them further. It helps that her voice seems not to have changed over the years but it's the strength of the songs and the sensitivity of the transformations that zing. Flawless.

. . . [the] rearrangements can be transformative . . . the emotional autopsies in songs such as "Precious Things" gain in subtle strength and grandeur.

. . . [how refreshing], that Tori Amos has decided not only to shine the spotlight on her older stuff, but give live to 'where they are now and who they have become'. The result is an album featuring orchestral interpretations of her songs that deserved to be remembered as far more than just a curio. The symphonic setting provided by the Metropole Orchestra places old songs in a spectacular new context, giving 'Yes, Anastasia' and 'Cloud On My Tongue' added depth, the latter given extra punch by the addition of the orchestra's sterling work . . . Rising high above all of this is Amos's voice: two decades on from the start of her career, she sounds just as good as she did back then. 'Gold Dust' both is and is not a collection of new material, dusting off the archives and injecting songs with such vitality that it is like we're hearing them for the first time.

It's pleasant enough and beautifully delivered . . .

Tori Amos will always be remembered for her extraordinary hit "Cornflake Girl", her outstanding vocals and expert piano-playing. "Gold Dust" is another impressive release. Her voice impresses, particularly on "Yes, Anastasia".

. . . one of the most enduringly popular female singer-songwriters of her generation under her belt, Amos has come full circle and re-embraced the genre where she first excelled . . . "Gold Dust" sees Amos revisiting her extensive back catalogue to create something altogether more accessible . . . Amos's compositions adapt well to the classical treatment, but another reason these reinterpretations generally work well is that Metropole's classy, understated playing is never allowed to dominate the central elements of the singer's trademark piano and voice. Amos's early songs remain her most captivating . . . ["Winter" and "Silent All These Years"]: Both songs are blessed with unforgettable melodies and arguably showcase Amos's combination of Kate Bush-indebted vocals and provocative, occasionally eccentric lyrics . . . this retrospective features a wide range of material from across the singer's long and varied CV.

. . . her cover of the carol "Star of Wonder" . . . sounds brilliant with strings . . . The strings combined with the spine-tingling piano on "Precious Things" are stunning, and the title track . . . now becomes extremely affecting . . . ["Marianne"]: here, it is immediately captivating . . . nice to hear a new take on old material . . . overall it's a lovely listen.

The material is lovingly handled and the orchestration compliments and heightens the spiritual elegance of Tori's compositions . . . Tori's fans will be delighted with this album, and with good reason . . . she pulls off the newly recorded material with grace, beauty and an enduring sense of what makes each song tick.

A haunting version of "Flavor" is an improvement on the original, as is the new version of "Girl Disappearing". The sweeping sound of the orchestra makes for a unique album . . .

. . . her 13th LP should satisfy committed fans and win new converts . . . sumptuous, bejewelled dimensions to the richly expressive likes of "Precious Things" and conceptual epic "Yes, Anastasia" . . .

These are majestic and at times triumphant re-recordings; most beautifully in the orchestral arrangements which allow each voice of instrumentation to speak out on each of the tracks, and too Amos' powerful soaring vocal, rising above the music, still indelibly connected to her songs beginnings.

. . . Tori's work holds up to its heritage well . . . "Winter" is still the heart wrenching lullaby that to this day, makes me weep every time I listen to it. It never fails to move me. The same can be said for "Jackie's Strength", "Snow Cherries From France" and of course the infamous "Precious Things" . . . Do these songs hold as much meaning as they did 20 years ago? Absolutely. To have some of her best work, orchestrated in a more unique way is a pure pleasure. This album may be "one for the fans" but I really hope that it reaches a new audience, and allows people to see the immense musical abilities of Amos, in all their glory. Long may she reign.

The treatment is surprisingly subtle . . . ["Flavor"]: there is a significant difference in sound ¿ the icy beats of the original are melted away by warm strings . . . [Tori sings] beautifully, but there is definitely a more mature, contented tone to the performances. She is no longer the spikey, troubled single young woman of the early years and when she revisits the words and songs of that person it makes for interesting listening . . . The tracks from "Abnormally Attracted to Sin" and "American Doll Posse" are all excellent and will have me pulling my rarely-played copies from the shelf for further investigation . . . fans, and ex-fans looking to catch up on recent activity, will find much to enjoy on "Gold Dust" with the added sweetener of some classics thrown in for good measure.

. . . actually, that's no bad way to age. Throughout, there are welcome reminders of Amos's songwriting gifts. "Jackie's Strength" . . . becomes more poignant than ever.

Tori Amos is one of the most versatile alternative singer songwriters since more than a decade. She proves once again to be worthy of that title with her new compilation album "Gold Dust" . . . [it] is more than just a compiled album of Tori Amos biggest hits . . . The result is a completely different arrangement for the 14 tracks, making "Gold Dust" an hour of romantic, unforgettable Amos gems. Jumping out immediately are "Yes Anastacia" , "Jackie's Strength" and "Precious Things", the latter which has been given a haunting arrangement, with a piano and string violins as central instruments. Absolutely astonishing! The classical arrangement hasn't just been friendly to the 14 tracks but the crisp vocals of Tori are top notch. She's the centre of attention and her voice proves once again that she can do anything musically. If you haven't checked out her previous classical album "Night Of Hunters", then "Gold Dust" is the best first introduction to Amos new style. You'll want more.

. . . a compelling reunion with some of the musicians favorite pennings . . . intricate songwriting seems to come so naturally to Amos . . . ["Gold Dust"] successfully captures a new essence within each of the newly recorded gems featured here . . . is [it] really necessary? . . . this recording is one of reflection for the singer and a gift to fans so the answer is: Absolutely! . . . a best of from the musician's point of view and songs that are clearly near and dear to her and capture the songwriter at her most thorough and passionate. Each is given a new lease of life and we love the way each of the tracks on "Gold Dust" sounds with the uniqueness that the Metropole Orchestra brings to the table . . . a superb representation of Amos' longevity and diversity as well as a hat-tipping moment to one of the greatest singer-songwriters of our time . . . no one tells a story better that Amos whose ability at playing out a dramatic story or guiding us through an engaging and poetic beauty seems to flow so effortlessly. Whether it is told through the persona of her many musical alter-egos or simply as Tori Amos, there are so many qualities to the multi-talented musician that make her so appealing to the masses and keeps her confidently on top as one of the most talented artists in history.

Deep, dark and beautiful.

As the Metropole Orchestra whispers and blows, the frankly familiar material in Amos' song-book is fuller and theatrical . . . Even better with sickly sinister strings at their base are Amos' emo-plus paeans to love and loss . . . The tunes sound lustrous but Amos, the singer and writer, sounds richer.

Tori Amos looks set to continue seducing fans with her sublime croon, imaginative piano and bittersweet songs . . . I'm a fan of Tori Amos. I love her music . . . I love her voice and the dramatic intensity and good humour of her live performances. I love her mix of vulnerability and strength, and brave, often visceral honesty and occasional mystical abstruseness . . .

. . . [Amos] brings something new to her old songs in this beautifully crafted album about storytelling and memory.

"Precious Things" builds urgency with brooding strings, "Silent All These Years" becomes gorgeously enhanced and "Jackie's Strength" is simply polished to perfection. Vocally spellbinding, the orchestral addition is subtle (Tori's piano dominates throughout, and quite rightly too), emotive and serves to perfectly showcase her talents in a sublime, sophisticated celebration of a career to date.

Amos visitiert alte Songs und verleiht ihnen die Reife, die sie zur Entstehungszeit nicht abstrahlen konnten.

Die Tracks zeigen eine Künstlerin, die zwar gereift, doch weiterhin voll jugendlicher Energie und Leidenschaft Musik macht. Sie ist authentisch, ihrem Publikum eng verbunden und trotz des Rückblicks in ihre Vergangenheit eine Frau, die eine sensationelle Zukunft im Musikgeschäft vor sich hat.

. . . bezaubernd . . . Ihr Album schwebt vor Ausgeglichenheit, anmutiger Würde und Tiefgang. Schon wieder Eigenschaften, für die sie angehimmelt werden wird. Und mit Recht.

Sie gehört zu den vielfältigsten, kraftvollsten und faszinierendsten Sängerinnen, Songwriterinnen und Musikerinnen der letzten zwei Dekaden . . . Sie genießt sichtlich die Freiheit, die sie in der Klassik . . . wieder entdeckt hat . . . Auch zwanzig Jahre nach Tori Amos' erstem Album "Litte Earthquakes" scheint die kreative Kraft, die in ihrem Herzen fließt, ungebrochen. Tori Amos repräsentiert alles Weibliche, Intuitive, Magische und gleichzeitig Geerdete und Authentische, nach dem sich das Publikum sehnt. Eine faszinierende Künstlerin nimmt uns mit auf eine Reise in die Zukunft und wirft dabei mit "Gold Dust" einen atemberaubenden Blick zurück.