DEBUSSY Preludes II / Pollini


Préludes - Book II
En blanc et noir (for two pianos)
Maurizio Pollini
Daniele Pollini
Int. Release 16 Feb. 2018
1 CD / Download
0289 479 8490 0

Liste de titres

Claude Debussy (1862 - 1918)
Préludes - Book 2, L.123

Maurizio Pollini

En blanc et noir, L.134

for 2 pianos

Maurizio Pollini, Daniele Pollini

Durée totale de lecture 48:35

. . . [Pollini] is focused on precision. His careful graduation of light and shade brings the subtlest of gloom to Debussy's fogs ("Brouillards") and a brilliance to his fireworks ("Feux d'artifice") . . . a master of the piano.

. . . there are many things to admire in this survey of the second book of Préludes. Pollini's awareness of colour and texture is as acute as ever, and, never a pianist to smother musical outlines with amorphous washes of colour, everything is crisp and sharply focused . . . the disc also includes a rare chance to hear Pollini playing music for two pianos, partnering his son Daniele in "En Blanc et Noir", where the clearly defined outlines and fierce climaxes seem totally appropriate to what is one of Debussy's greatest late works.

  • Maurizio Pollini - Debussy Préludes II - Quotes (Teaser)

    Legendary pianist Maurizio Pollini celebrates Debussy’s centenary year with Deutsche Grammophon album of Préludes II and En blanc et noir, the latter recorded in duo with his son. Twenty years ago Maurizio Pollini recorded the first book of Debussy’s Préludes, investing years of experience into its dozen pieces. Préludes II is set to stand among the most significant tributes to Debussy a century after his death.