Grand Prix

GRAND PRIX is the new home for landmark recordings by Deutsche Grammophon's greatest artists. These are performances singled out for praise by leading critics. Many of them have further been crowned with the world's most prestigious prizes: the famous Grammys bestowed yearly by America's National Recording Academy; Gramophone magazine's annual awards in the UK - often referred to as the Oscars of classical music; Prix Caecilia, among the oldest record prizes, awarded each year in Brussels; The Netherlands' similarly venerable Edison Award; the Echo awards presented by the German Phono-Akademie; the German record critics' prize (Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik); CD Compact Awards, bestowed by the important Spanish magazine of that name; the Tokyo Record Academy's highly respected prize; and the Rosette awarded to a handful recordings by the Penguin Guide for “special illumination, magic, a spiritual quality or outstanding production values."

Selections for GRAND PRIX are handpicked from the past three decades of DG and Archiv Produktion prize-winning releases, both digital and analogue, and from every corner of the catalogues.

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