SCHOENBERG Gurre-Lieder / Abbado 4399442

. . . [Abbado's orchestral interludes] are superbly characterised, especially that in Part 3 depicting the new dawn, which is performed with exquisite delicacy. The soloists are a fine set, especially the men. Siegfried Jerusalem is probably the best of all those who have recorded this work. He manages to be both heroic and detailed, his huge experience of Wagner giving him the perfect stylistic background . . . Philip Langridge's Klaus-Narr is excellent, for he never overplays his hand in a part where there is a great temptation to become grotesque, and his German is first-rate . . . Marjana Lipovsek as the Wood Dove has just the passionate commitment . . . as well as having a sumptuous tone. Her great song at the end of Part 1 is deeply affecting . . . The Vienna Philharmonic is the ideal group for music such as this and covers itself in glory throughout, as do the combined choirs, whose impact in the concert hall must have been overwhelming . . . this is a highly recommendable recording of this gorgeous piece.