YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH Music by O.Golijov 4776603

I admire Golijov. His opera, "Ainadamar" . . . is a mesmerising meditation on grief, filled with colourful, multi-layered, densely rhythmic music. I loved his "La Pasión Según San Marcos", from 2000, as well . . . He produced beautiful vignettes, with intense localised energy . . .

. . . evocative, effective film music . . . For "Youth without Youth", he has composed emotionally involving and strikingly beautiful music that sets a more consistent stylistic tone. There is little doubt in my mind that it effectively supports the dramatic events in the film . . . This is great stuff. The composer again clearly demonstrates his adaptability and versatility. This should serve him well in the world of film music, "Youth without Youth" is fascinating and worthwhile listening experience when played on its own divorced from the screen images.

Osvaldo Golijov's score ties together the film's most striking elements, including its romantically charged atmosphere, largely Eastern European settings and the pervasive feeling of time suspended . . . There are some unexpected references, too. "Farewell" pays overt homage to Astor Piazzolla's "Milonga del ángel", and its sultry lyricism dovetails neatly with the score's overall mood. Indeed, Golijov is at his most engaging when evoking a wistful nostalgia . . . The performances by the Bucharest Metropolitan Orchestra are superb; the electronically enhanced effects -- like the suggestion of a ticking clock in "Dominic's Nightmare" -- are sewn seamlessly into the music's fabric; and, most impressive of all, the score's varied ingredients coalesce to produce a coherent, satisfyingly bittersweet flavour.

Für einige Überraschung sorgt . . . der Soundtrack zum neuen Film von Francis Ford Coppola . . . Lokalkolorit, spätromantische Emotionalität, psychische Irritation und Entdeckerlust. All das fügt Golijov in seiner Musik ein, deren Rezeptur aus einer betörenden Mischung sinfonischer Orchesterklänge, vokaler Beiträge und "exotischer" Instrumente wie Cimbalom, Kamensche (iranische Geige) und Akkordeon besteht.

Il n'empęche que le compositeur de l'admirable "Ayre" (pour Dawn Upshaw) et des non moins réussies "Ainadamar" et "Oceana" a conçu une partition sensible, oů souffle un vent d'Europe Centrale plutôt envoűtant, grâce ŕ un cymbalum, un kamantché et un accordéon fondus dans les cordes de l'Orchestre Métropolitain de Bucarest.