KISSIN Bach Liszt Schubert DVD-VIDEO 0734402

Kissin is one of the most mesmerizing of pianists to watch, for his virtuosity -- truly transcendental -- appears so effortless and yet the technique is so extraordinary . . . His reading of Schubert's "Wandererfantasie" is utterly absorbed in the overall architecture of the work . . . Kissin is a master of large-scale musical works, and while the close to the "Wandererfantasie" is as exuberant as any, he seems to draw attention to the denouement of the overall forms rather than the culmination of the virtuoso display, which needless to say is dispatched with an astonishingly assured and autocratic sleight of hand. Similarly, Kissin doesn't over-sentimentalize in the Schubert/Liszt transcriptions . . . Brahms's Op. 116 is presented as a true concert work, with full-blooded playing and immense projection alternating with hushed personal intimacy: here is Kissing being rapturous and rhapsodic, producing a wonderful ringing tone, and it makes one long to hear him in a recording of the Brahms concertos. Meanwhile, Liszt's "Hungarian Rhapsody" No. 12 is spellbinding: just witness Kissin's ease in surmounting the technical challenges, again bringing out the musical shape and eschewing the obvious opportunities for showmanship. The production and the camerawork are ideal in every way and what they reveal is something of a master-class for pianists, particularly with the many exquisite close-ups of Kissin's hands . . . Kissin is undoubtedly the real thing, with a transcendental technique married to a formidable musical mind, and this is a fabulous addition to what sadly remains a relatively small number of piano recitals on DVD.

. . . undiluted pleasure.

. . . son énergie est juvénile . . . On retiendra la superbe . . . l'équilibre du jeu et l'intelligence musicale de Kissin sont stupéfiants.