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1. Amazon

After clicking the Amazon button you will be redirected to the selected Amazon shop and be able to buy the physical product. Often the download version will be available on the same page. In rare cases you may find only second hand offers or no availability at all.

If the Amazon button is not clickable the product is not available in the country you come from. You can search other Amazon shops but we cannot guarantee the availability.

2. iTunes

Products on iTunes are available either as Download AAC 256 or as Mastered for iTunes providing an improved audio quality.

If the iTunes button is not clickable the product is not available in the country you come from. You may search other iTunes shops but we cannot guarantee the availablity. Please note: If you want to buy from an iTunes store you have to use a credit card registered in the same country.

3. Browsing (» Back to Index)

Just click the button “search" and page through our latest releases. You don't need to enter any search text! The releases are ordered per month as follows:

  • New Recordings
  • New DVDs
  • New albums of re-released recordings
  • New Out-of-print releases

To include releases from the near future, please switch the final dropdown to “Future Releases first".

4. Using the Freetext Search Box (» Back to Index)

- clicking into the box
Simply click into this box with your mouse and it will immediately become empty of text in anticipation of your search request.

- several search words
You can put in several search words - simply make a space between the words.
e.g. “karajan mozart symphonies" finds only Mozart Symphonies conducted by Karajan

- a search that also excludes some information
Placing a minus-sign (-) before one word will exclude that word from the search:
e.g. “Karajan symphonies -mozart" finds all Karajan-conducted Symphonies except those by Mozart

- using the album number
If you are looking up information on an album of which you have some details, then use the identification number to find it best.

On older CDs the number is 7 digits long shown usually in the form “415 253-2". You can however type the number in anyway - “415 253-2", “4152532", “415 2532" - all versions will work.

Recently we have started using twelve digits, whereby the first five digits (usually 00289 for CDs and 00440 for DVDs) are not currently recognised by our web catalogue. Please leave these numbers out.

Sometimes local versions of our international releases are manufactured and these have different numbers - except the number written in the barcode which reflects the international number. This number has 12 digits. Ignore the first four digits and the last digit and you have a seven digit number that our web catalogue will recognise. Sorry for this!

5. The Dropdowns (» Back to Index)

Use the dropdowns provided in the advanced search to find releases:
  • via artist (e.g. Netrebko)
  • via composer (e.g. Beethoven)
  • via musical Genre (e.g. choral)
  • that have won major Awards (e.g. Grammy)
  • that have been reviewed in your preferred language
  • that are part of internationally released Series (e.g. The Originals)

Combine your searches to narrow down your search result. For example, in the artist dropdown choose “Pollini" and in the composer dropdown “Beethoven".

Don't forget to press “reset" before keying in your next search

6. Genres (» Back to Index)

Here are a few terms and their meanings.
  • Orchestra = symphonies, tone poems, concertos etc. (piano and violin concertos can also be found via the search for box by entering Piano Concerto or Violin Concerto
  • Chamber = chamber music
  • Keyboard = solo piano, harpsichord, organ works
  • Vocal = vocal works, both solo and small-ensemble (see also Choral)
  • Choral = choral works with larger ensembles
  • Dramatic = opera, operetta, arias, musical

7. Availability (» Back to Index)

The availability per country of the CDs and downloads presented in this site will broadly reflect the CD and Download release schedules of each country. However, even though some items may not be available as CDs or downloads in the stores of some countries, they may still be available for download here!

We are committed to bringing back ever more out of print releases from our past as downloads from this site.