PUCCINI La fanciulla del West DVD-VIDEO 0734023

Domingo is at his peak.

The production provides plenty of dramatic contrast . . . Domingo is fantastic in a role that is quite ideal for him, lying vocally somewhere between Rodolfo and Calaf. He is very comfortable meeting the acting requirements of the reformed bandit. Sherrill Milnes's suave Jack Rance is just about perfect from a physical standpoint, and he refuses to let the role degenerate into a one-dimensional villain. This approach is emphasized in the powerful final scene that frames a frustrated and disappointed Rance remaining alone at center stage. The inspired choice of Leonard Slatkin as conductor appropriately emphasizes the importance of the orchestra in "La fanciulla del West". His conducting is as dynamic as it is subtle, and he supports the singers superbly . . . Higly recommended.

Puccini¿s ¿La Fanciulla del West¿ with Plácido Domingo ¿ you believe every word he sings and there¿s no falseness about him. But then anything by Domingo is glorious!

La charisme d'un Domingo très en voix et superbe d'allure fait le reste . . . le professionnalisme de ses partenaires aussi . . . Et l'énergie et la conviction joviale de Leonard Slatkin permettent à un opéra méconnu . . .

Aparece en DVD una sobresaliente versión de La fanciulla del West . . . un Plácido Domingo en plenitud . . . Todo ello está dirigido por la conocedora batuta de Leonard Slatkin y la eficaz cámara de Brian Large.