VERDI Don Carlo Levine DVD-VIDEO 0734085

[Freni]: This is a monumental performance, and my personal highlight . . . she brings such nobility to the character, such poignancy and dignity to the scene where she bids farewell to her lady-in-waiting, for instance, and such stamina in the big Act V aria, that the DVD is worth purchasing for Freni alone. Many of the same comments could be made about the Don Carlo, Plácido Domingo. Ravishing tone and an heroic performance . . . The final duet is magical, however, and compared to most of his rivals on DVD, Domingo's assumption of the role is remarkable . . . Nicolai Ghiaurov brings ideal tone and a commanding presence to the role . . . The Met chorus is in great form . . . Probably the best version now available . . . It's a must for the Verdi collector . . .

. . . this production by John Dexter is worth looking at . . . This is class all the way, scenically and musically . . . Under Levine¿s taut direction, this performance surges with magnificent singing and dramatic interaction.

. . . sumptuous cast, in a typically plush New York Metropolitan production, and equally plushly conducted by its music director James Levine . . . the results are beautiful . . . Domingo is in fine voice . . . The lower voices, male and female, are impressive, with mezzo-soprano Grace Bumbry an especially strong Princess Eboli . . .

Für Sammler von Aufführungen in Star-Besetzung ein Muss.

Sincérité et même défonce chez les protagonistes sont exemplaires . . . Un spectacle royal.

Domingo demeure le plus séduisant des Carlo, et forme avec Freni . . . un couple quasi idéal . . . Ghiaurov: une voix imposante, la stature et l¿humanité d¿un souverain blessé . . . La direction de Levine est la vitalité incarnée.

Un Verdi dirigé ample, donnant tout le temps aux somptueux chanteurs assemblés . . . Levine aime les drames historiques à grand spectacle, y révélant d'abord les intrigues intimes, brossant des tableaux où les personnages n'ont plus qu'à se dévoiler. De la fosse, c'est lui qui anime la simple mise en place signée John Dexter.