BERG Wozzeck Lulu Böhm 4357052

Karl Böhm was a precision artist -- a conductor who believed that if he achieved the ideal balance of musical elements, the masterpieces of Mozart, Strauss and Berg would reveal themselves fully . . . His discography is vast, operatic and symphonic, live and studio-based . . . there are at least three of Böhm's studio efforts I highly recommend, all on DG -- "Wozzeck" (Deutsche Oper, Berlin), "Elektra" (Dresden) and "Die Zauberflöte" (Berlin Philharmonic). All are powerfully cast; all show the bones of the works; all capture the dramatic spirit of the musical gestures.

. . . ["Lulu"]: This performance has an edge, and excitement, and a sense of instrumental precision . . . ["Wozzeck"] is so perfectly performed in every respect that one comes away from it in awe . . . everyone is so committed to Böhm's vision of the music, and his overall sweep, that one is carried away with it . . . I hope this recording will remain in the catalog forever.

Fischer-Dieskau hizo una de esas creaciones que rara vez se repiten: un poco lo de siempre en este extraordinario artista, el matiz llevado a extremos inalcanzables y, aun no teniendo el color vocal más adecuado para este o aquel rol, con resultados canoros al borde de la perfección.