PUCCINI La Bohème Karajan DVD-VIDEO 0734071

Everyone is musically well disciplined within Herbert von Karajan's splendidly judged tempos . . . and the Scala players are on peak form. I felt completely caught up in Rodolfo's Act 2, description of 'La più divina delle poesie', accompanied by Karajan and the orchestra with surging passion. The irrepressible vitality of the Act 4 antics is similarly persuasive.

. . . the young Mirella Freni, delectable and deeply touching, and Adriana Martino's up-front Musetta . . . the voices are splendid. Atmospheric.

. . . the voices are splendid. Atmospheric.

. . . it's as near an ideal "Bohème" as you could hope to find. Firstly because there are no "guest artists" -- this is La Scala's "Bohème" cast of the period; all are at home in this production and with each other -- and all are believably young or youngish Bohemians. Mirella Freni was near the beginning of her international career, her voice at its freshest, and her acting is all the more affecting for its restraint: a downcast glance, a shy smile. Gianni Raimondi partners her very well and sings with elegance and ardour. Rolando Panerai is an immensely likeable and finely sung Marcello, Gianni Maffeo hardly his inferior as Schaunard and Ivo Vinco is a tow-haired, cheroot-smoking young philosopher . . . [Adriana Martino] sings charmingly. Karajan sounds as though he's enjoying himself thoroughly, never pressing the music or his singers too hard, quite often indulging both with a rubato that encourages long and eloquent line . . . this is definitely a "Bohème" to live with.

Un classique évidemment. Et même une légende . . . La passion de Karajan pour la partition est connue, il la raffine amoureusement et les Professori de la Scala s'en donnent à c¿ur joie dans la transparence et la volupté; et le cast bien entendu est à peu près exemplaire, avec Freni dans ce qui n'est pas loin d'être son rôle idéal, un Panerai sublime et tous les autres irréprochables.

Karajan dirige con su parafernalia y maestría habituales ... Una "Bohème" muy recomendable, que nos retrotrae a un brillante pasado lírico.

. . . han ofrecido grabaciones de la mejor calidad.