THE BANQUET Soundtrack 4776459

. . . the prevailing soft-focus mood is broken up with passages for piano and percussion, vividly recorded, with echoes of Stravinsky in his neo-classical vein. Dun saves his bonne bouche for the final reprise of the theme song, a fine peroration where he adds solo voice, percussion, string and a miniature trumpet figure to build an exciting and affirmative conclusion to this lavish retelling of the Hamlet story.

Tan Dunżs score for The Banquet is a completely lovely score, every bit the equal to Fengżs intricate visual tapestry. It serves the movie magnificently while also providing on CD one of the best scores of the year.

. . . Lang Lang extrae sonoridades más osadas e incluso desquiciantes, del teclado ["En el bosque de bambú", "Tras la máscara"]. Un disco hermoso, misterioso y salvaje.