HANDEL Roman Motets / Minkowski 4596272

. . . very lively performances . . . "Laudate pueri", which uses a choir, is another fresh and energetic piece: the choir of the Musiciens du Louvre do their pieces in rousing fashion, and there's some happy oboe-playing, as well as fine singing from Kozená earlier on, in particular in the hugely spirited "Excelsus super omnes". The biggest item is the "Dixit Dominus", where the choir sings very crisply. The illustrative settings of "ruinas" tumbling down through the registers, and the "conquassabit" that follows, are truly exciting; and the long closing chorus is done with due weight at quite a measured pace. These splendid performances truly capture the spirit of these marvellous pieces.

. . . exalte l'oreille . . . la belle matičre sonore qui s'appuie sur les graves donne un rebond rythmique constamment dansant.