BERG Violin Concerto, RIHM Gesungene Zeit / Mutter 4370932

Anne-Sophie Mutter is here at her commanding, warm-toned best . . . Sensitive, sensuous, soulful and soul-baring, ravishing and ravaged, the music enters your living-room with a vividness you may find overpowering. Mutter and DG's commitment to new repertoire is in itself cause for celebration.

This is the most rawly dramatic version of the Berg Concerto currently available, especially in the second movement, where James Levine unleashes a virtuosic Chicago Symphony, woodwind screeching and brass balefully snarling . . . Anne-Sophie Mutter jags anxiously into passage work, clearly adumbrating the dark developments in the second movement. Her playing is technically excellent, and searingly committed emotionally . . . this is the version to have.

Bien soutenue par James Levine, Anne-Sophie Mutter męle incandescence et sérénité, folle audace et lumineuse virtuosité. Le visage de la douleur conserve ici un étonnante beauté, et Mutter fascine par se "senza vibrato" soyeux.