ARTUR RUBINSTEIN Piano Concertos 0734195

Of all great pianists, Rubinstein was perhaps the least fussy. His playing, even at its greatest and most exciting, could be almost disconcertingly straightforward. For all his much-vaunted showmanship, he was a musician first and a virtuoso second. But despite his lifelong claims to the contrary, his virtuosity was formidable . . . The most characteristic features of Rubinstein's playing were his rich, and richly varied tone, his uncanny ability to 'sing' melodic lines over great stretches of time -- and to project them throughout the largest halls -- and his all-pervasive command of rhythm . . . this release makes for a very moving experience.

At 89, Rubinstein is still magically fluent: rather stately and measured in the Grieg especially, elegant in the Saint-Saëns, finest in the poetic Chopin. Twilight performances, but what a sunset!

Möglicherweise gibt es noch immer Menschen, die klassische Musik hören, aber keinen DVD-Spieler besitzen. Das ist zu akzeptieren, aber nichtsdestotrotz ein Verbrechen. Den Fortschrittsverweigerern entgeht eine wundervolle DVD, auf welcher der große Artur Rubinstein Klavierkonzerte von Grieg, Chopin und Saint-Saens spielt (DGG) . . . die Musik . . . ist himmlisch.