THOMAS QUASTHOFF Evening Star 4714932

Thomas Quasthoff covers a good range in this recital, from the buffo heartiness of Lortzing's Van Bett and Baculus to the lyricism of Wagner's Wolfram and the drowsy content of Strauss's Sir Morosus dropping into slumber, all passion thankfully spent . . . "Tannhäuser" finds Quasthoff at his most graceful in Wolfram's prayer to the evening star . . . In "Zar und Zimmermann" . . . it is the reflective Tsar, that this fine artist is more completely himself.

Once more Thomas Quasthoff puts us in his debt with a recital wholly out of the ordinary, executed . . . confidently in singing of such strength and beauty as to almost silence criticism. Surveying German Romantic Opera Arias from . . . Lortzing to Richard Strauss, he ranges easily through roles usually assigned to either a specifically baritone or bass voice. In "Zar und Zimmermann" he sings with refined tone and elegiac feeling (the role of Van Bett). In "Der Wildschütz" he is funny as the schoolmaster, then he sings Graf Eberbach's lovely solo in a mellow baritone. In the "Tannhäuser" pieces he projects the address of the benevolent Landgrave with complete authority and the sing Wolfram's 'Evening Star' aria with perfection of tone and line."