RICHTER Sleep (Remixes) 4795897

. . . [Richter and Marconi Union have managed] to take the near nine minute "Dream 13" and turn it into a playful journey through your thoughts. You'd have to be made of strong stuff to tackle songs that were meant to redress the intent of music itself, but they have, and in doing it they've created an imaginative, enjoyable and upbeat response to the original piece.

Max Richter's "Sleep" consists of "Dreams" and "Paths", opiated lullabies sung by Hades' sirens, seducing you into a netherworld . . . These remixes all retain the original's narcotic quality.

The experiment's successful . . . in keeping with Richter's vision, the serene piano and strings of "Dream 3" enter a shimmering fugue state when re-versioned by Seattle synth explorer Norm Chambers . . .

. . . this reimagining of tracks from Richter's truncated "From Sleep" version of his eight hour magnum opus are a delight.

Richter is considered a bit of a genius himself in contemporary classical music circles . . . "Sleep Remixes" represents yet another milestone for one of classical music's most original voices, whose creativity and imagination only serve to expand the boundaries of the genre.