GÖRAN SÖLLSCHER Eleven-String Baroque 4748152

Söllscher is an artist in the true sense of the word; whatever instrument he chose, you feel sure he would communicate the essence of the music. On this excellent album, he blends the familiar with the less well-known repertoire.

The recording is close enough to be immediate, while avoiding the distracting extraneous noises of sliding calloused fingertips. The notes comment that 'Söllscher's guitar acknowledges no boundaries'. He frames his programme with lute music by Weiss, including a beautifully thoughtful 'Tombeau' with some extraordinary dissonant moments . . . charming and largely predictable music . . . exceptionally distinctive part-playing . . . A high point is a transcription of François Couperin's harpsichord piece 'Les baricades mystérieuses', bathing haunting suspensions in the sustained resonance of this super-guitar.

Söllscher has been plying many of these pieces in recitals for years, so it is particularly valuable to have them preserved on disc . . . Söllscher's exquisite timing and formidably clean technique (I can think of no other guitarist so remarkably immune to the squeaks caused by rapid changes of position) also prove the perfect vehicle for Couperin's popular 'Les barricades mistérieuses' . . . A memorable recital . . . and beautifully engineered . . .

Le guitariste suédois donne le meilleur de son instrument: palette harmonique accrue, polyphonie enrichie, généreuse dynamique, son clair . . . pour un résultat plus que convaincant.