. . . there's no doubting the passion and conviction of these performances. The end results are deeply moving . . . Interwoven with these are some outstanding recent recordings: Anne Sofie von Otter, whose seductive, dark-hued mezzo emotively underscores Dowland's dolour; Barbara Bonney, who offers intelligent, mellifluous singing, sensitively accompanied by lutenist Jacob Heringman; and Emma Kirkby and lutenist Anthony Rooley, whose love affair with this repertoire has inspired unfailingly stylish performances for over 30 years . . . it makes a nostalgic and inspiring testimony to Dowland's versatility.

The material is in general arranged sensibly . . . Attention is paid to regularly varying textures . . . With a tenor, countertenor, two sopranos, and a mezzo each contributing one or more songs, there is no aural fatigue. Most of the content is excellent. The Bonney and Otter albums combine strong musicianship with an ability to communicate "face" on an intimate scale, which is just what their material needs . . . Söllscher's clean, spirited performances add a light but mellow touch . . .

... Fascinantes siempre Emma Kirkby, el eficaz tándem Karamazov-Söllscher, que se dobla a sí mismo en uno de los cortes.