WAGNER Arias / Terfel, Abbado 4713482

A wonderful singer and a great communicator, Bryn Terfel is fast becoming a living legend. Enjoy his huge power and emotional punch to the max on his recent album Bryn Terfel: Wagner.

Terfel fully embodies these symbols of male existential pain [Dutchman, Sachs, Wolfram, Wotan, Amfortas], singing with unusual richness, intelligence, and attention to dramatic detail. The highlight comes with two excerpts from "Parsifal": Terfel voices the wounded arias of Amfortas with strength and inwardness, as Abbado and his Berliners provide him with a glorious halo of sound.

This disc is only of extracts, but already it is clear that Terfel is going to be the outstanding Wagnerian bass-baritone of his generation. His tone colour is rich and full in the best tradition, his declamation vivid and lively. The two great monologues of
Hans Sachs are delivered with an insight and maturity that bode well for the DG Meistersinger, while Wolfram's 'O Star of Eve' similarly demonstrates this singer's lyrical
potential. Wotan's Farewell from "Die Walküre" and the Dutchman's Monologue find him equally secure and thrilling in heroic mode, with a tormented Amfortas thrown in for
good measure. Suddenly the future looks brighter.

A must-have for any collection.

So gesehen ist die Wagner-CD ein Versprechen für die Zukunft. Sie führt den Sänger in
den Rollen vor, die er irgendwann singen wird. Phänomenal, wie er Phrasen aufbaut, beeindruckend die dynamische Differenzierung, über die er als Amfortas, Wotan oder Hans Sachs verfügt.